Customized Industrial Automation

SHIA is a leader in the design and fabrication of custom manufacturing and assembly machinery. Our unmatched level of expertise in manufacturing engineering and Industry automation ensures that your new equipment will improve your process time and increase product quality while saving you operational costs. Any type of raw imagination is designed into the finished product/service within stipulated Timeline and Deadline factor. our cutting edge technology solutions are guaranteed to provide accurate, reliable, and repeatable performance on your shop floor.

Capable of engineering semi or fully automatic, synchronous or non-synchronous operating modes, our flexible, high speed machinery will provide a turn-key solution to your manufacturing or assembly needs. We offer proprietary, proven solutions for efficient linear movement, rotary transfer, and inline assembly processes. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers design and installs all electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic subsystems according to strict code standards, and our multi-layered software platforms deliver machine diagnostics, troubleshooting, and production monitoring in one operator-friendly package.

The basic role of SODA HUB in the domain of Industrial Automation Systems is to keep a complete check on the optimized operating costs as well as the profits which can be earned in the long run of the Business. Industrial automation has served profuse key pedestals such as Food & Beverages, Processing, Filling and Packing of FMCGs, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals as well as Water and Waste water solutions. Commencing from the stepping into Industrial Automation Systems since 2010, it has the proven track record to marginalize the Capital costs as well as get the plenary customized solutions for your Clients who have a diverse array of Businesses and hail from myriad Industrial backgrounds and focus on different types of Productivities!!

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